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When you stay at the Hecate Inn, we can help you have a comfortable, once-in-lifetime experience on Haida Gwaii. Guests will enjoy the following services:

  • access to laundry service
  • freezer and storage space for fish
  • knowledgable staff can help you plan tours
  • barbeques and crab cookers available upon request

The Hecate Inn is a prime location for fishers to stay year round. We have plenty of freezer space available for you to store your fish. There are crab cookers and barbecues are available to our guests year-round - just ask and we will help set you up to cook your catch of the day.

There are licensed packaging plants in Queen Charlotte to help you manage your fish.

Our knowledgeable, local staff can also help set you up to tour the islands. Many private tour guides operate on the islands, and we can help you pick the one best suited to your interests, whatever they may be - a visit to the ancient totem poles in Gwaii Haanas, a dip in the Hot Springs, or a guided tour through the main island communities. A list of guiding services available on Haida Gwaii can be found in our business listings.

A detailed list of all businesses, services, events, and sightseeing opportunities can be found in the Guide to Haida Gwaii.

Barbecues and crab cookers available!

You might even catch a chinook!